Stewart Square

Located in the heart of Downtown Rockford, Stewart Square is home to local government agencies, prominent law firms, and a variety of retail shops. Originally it was two separate buildings; an 1890ís Brownstone which housed the D.J. Stewart Co., and the adjacent Pen-Met building constructed in 1929. In 1987 a $2 million redevelopment transformed the two buildings into what is now Stewart Square.

Originally we were contacted by the owner to help identify the source of persistent water penetration issues they were experiencing. Our investigation revealed serious issues with the parapet including numerous loose brick and pieces of terra cotta. Given the building was fully occupied and in a area with a high level of pedestrian traffic, a sidewalk scaffold was immediately erected to protect the public, We then proposed a prioritized list of necessary masonry repairs to the owner.

To repair the damaged parapet while keeping within the owners budget we proposed a modified re-build in which the parapet was lowered four feet while still preserving the original architectural design. In addition to rebuilding the parapet, the shelf angle/lintels on the second and third floors were replaced, tuck pointing was performed as necessary, numerous bricks were replaced, and all of the windows were caulked. Throughout this whole process the building remained fully occupied and open for business.