Jahn Mortar Repair

As an engineer in Holland and Germany, Heinz Jahn has gained vast experience in investigating masonry building problems. In 1977, he produced his first restoration mortar based on finding a compatible mortar through the testing of the building substrate. By testing to establish the masonry’s physical properties, he was able to develop a repair mortar that was truly compatible with the substrate, ensuring long-lasting repairs.

Jahn Mortars stand alone as the most carefully developed products available, and they are continuously tested and monitored to ensure their success. Jahn produces exclusive masonry repair mortars that are breathable enough to allow trapped moisture and salts to migrate through the repairs. By allowing salts and water to escape, the failures caused by high Portland cement mixes and the use of acrylic latex bonding agents have been eliminated.

MHMC, is proud to be a fully certified Jahn masonry company. Let us show you how Jahn mortars can help solve your masonry issues.